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LOVE this post!!
My sister and I still have all our Archie comics and the B&Vs were our favorites. We loved all their clothes too.

I agree that the upcoming "proposal" will turn out to be a lot of nothing. That's probably good, though, since Archie as a married guy would be too weird.

This is why i visit you site daily. Great read thanks. Incidently http://www.rapidmediafire.com has a similar topic.

And to think the aquarium folks usually flip out over little 2" vibrant pink bristle worms. Yeesh that is a huge one! The fact that Shujaaz can also command a price in some instances is interesting and shows that the private sector comes to find us in ways we don't always expect.

Archie was a freak, probably a anonist and an anonymous porn collector, but i love the heart-warmth situations of this innocent comic.

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