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Nice vintage summer dress, I didn't experience yet wearing a clothes like that in summer.


Hi, I'd really like to know a website with cool vintage dresses, and with affordable prices. Help please!

Anybody know any artists that used music as inspiration?
I wanna do an illustrated essay on music as an inspiration but i dont know any artists that do this. Any suggestions?

hi guys
is there any good loop based music creation software that you can download from the web
i have allready tried dance ejay,storm,cubase and mixcraft
anyone know any other good software for creating music(dance and trance mainly)
cheers guys !

I can not believe your comments on this topic is so close to me. Thanks for sharing it made me more confident, you stand to me.

I agree with this because Jelena found the perfect summer dress, because look at what fresh impression she give us with that white dress, she looks fresh and beautiful.m10m

I had planned on using them just as walking shoes, since I walk 3 miles a day, but they are so comfortable I am using them as everyday shoes.

Beautiful and magnificent The Summer Dress because look at her she looks so fresh and at the same time really attractive, actually I'm gonna weave a dress like that because it's beautiful.

i love Jelena, she is the curtest model I've ever seen, I wonder if you have more photos from this great girl.

It is! White plain and simple equals beautiful.

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