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I love the second photo! It looks kinda primal - like she's emerging out of a womb in a full blown fashion gown! Loves it!

Both pictures are amazing, but yes the second looks a little primal, almost like if she is coming from a portal from another dimension.

I don't the Flaunt series, but the guy who built the concept is so talented, this idea needs something more to shine and convince me.

The two big things that we're told are going to be their sources of income (commissions and royalties) are in fact a very, very small percentage of their earnings.

It seems to me that over the past few decades we've built an American Theater system that supplies steady and reliable income and benefits to administrators while making it increasingly difficult for artists to make a living from their work, leading to a kind of crazy-quilt existence as artists try to make ends meet.

I am not interested in starting an admin-artist civil war. I think the antagonism between those two camps is in general a bad thing, and it's worth noting that the vast majority of theater staff employees could make more money using their same skills in another industry, so it's not like they're in general making out asdflike bandits. The ADs whose salaries we were talking about in the theatrosphere last year are the exceptions, not the rule.

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